Monday 11 December 2017

Minister falls sick on visit to hospital

Kathleen Lynch TD. Photo: Tom Burke
Kathleen Lynch TD. Photo: Tom Burke

JUNIOR health minister Kathleen Lynch was being treated in hospital last night after falling ill with blood poisoning while on an official visit to a hospital.

The Labour TD complained of feeling unwell as she was leaving Letterkenny General Hospital in Co Donegal, which was flooded over the weekend.

She was immediately taken back into the hospital. She was later transferred to hospital in Cork and is expected to remain there for several days.

"There happened to be a consultant close by when she started to feel unwell and he brought her in," said Senator Jimmy Harte, who was with Ms Lynch at the time she fell sick.


It is suspected she suffered a recurring attack of septicaemia – an infection of the blood that can develop into potentially deadly sepsis, for which she was treated in Cork last year.

A spokesman last night described her condition as stable and comfortable.

"She will probably be in for a few days. She is in good hands," Senator Harte said.

Ms Lynch's husband, Bernard, who is her personal assistant, was at her bedside.

Ms Lynch was due to speak at the MacGill Summer School in Glenties but had to cancel.


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