Sunday 18 August 2019

Middle East turns on IS as extremist warns of rioting

Washington said countries in the Middle East had offered to join air strikes against Islamic State militants and Australia said it would send troops, but Britain held back even after the group beheaded a British hostage and threatened to kill another.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has been touring the Middle East to try to secure backing for US efforts to build a coalition to fight the Islamic State militants who have grabbed territory in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, an Irish Islamic extremist, whose radical views are being probed by the gardai, has warned that European Muslims could "riot" if rebels trying to travel to fight in troubled Syria were arrested.

Gardai last week launched an investigation after Khalid Kelly (48) was interviewed by FM104's Chris Barry and expressed support for Islamic State (IS). Officers later contacted FM104 and requested a copy of the interview.

During the show, Mr Kelly said that Irish peacekeeping troops, stationed in the Golan Heights, should join with IS militants.


"Then they would be on the right side," he said.

Mr Kelly yesterday took to microblogging website Twitter, where he has posted images including stills from the video in which David Haines was murdered and a picture of the September 11 attack.

Mr Haines was an aid worker who was abducted by IS in Syria and murdered in a video later posted online.

"As thousands of European Muslims make their preparations to emigrate to Islamic State, if euro (governments) arrest them it may cause riots in their cities," he wrote in another post.

Mr Kelly is an Irish-born convert to Islam, which he joined while imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in 2000 for selling illegal alcohol.

Last week Dr Ali al-Saleh, imam at the Shia mosque in Milltown in Dublin, warned that Islamic extremists are active in Ireland.

"They live here, they are active at the level of small circles, giving lectures, talking to the youth," Dr Saleh said.


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