Wednesday 24 January 2018

Methadone treatment is not solving the drug problem

New figures which show hundreds of heroin addicts are lingering on the HSE methadone programme for 20 years or more are proof that the current system is of poor service both to addicts and the taxpayers funding the treatment.

Every year around €20m is spent treating drug users, yet the numbers receiving treatment continues to grow.

This has led to criticisms that the current system is administered more to maintain addicts rather than get them completely clean.

The Herald has highlighted how junkies are openly injecting themselves in broad daylight near schools in the capital, showing that the current drug problem is out of control.

It is now time to change the system for treating addicts to one that has a focus on detox and rehabilitation from the drug that is a scourge destroying addicts, their families, and the wider society affected by criminality associated with addiction.

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