Monday 18 December 2017

Messages read to court

The following text messages were exchanged between Elaine O'Hara's phone and an 083 number alleged to have been used by Graham Dwyer.

"Your blades are sharp... Yes I am sore, I'm bleeding." - EOH

"I would love to have been the one knifing her. Can you imagine the knife going in and out of her and all the blood? Must have been a fantastic feeling for him. Lucky guy." - 083 number

"Killing is my new goal, not extreme control." - 083 number

Oh sir, you will never kill me against my will. You've left too much evidence at my place." - EOH

"I would bind you in car once you make a decision, you would write a note, I would leave your car, clothes, note by the sea" - 083 number

"You don't give up do you? I'm scared. I know what you can do remember?" - EOH

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