Sunday 19 November 2017

Men twice as likely to get points on licence

DUBLIN men are twice as likely as women in the capital to incur penalty points.

Some 37,644 male motorists in Dublin received the punishment last year, compared with 18,965 women.

A total of 257,564 penalty points were issued across the country in 2011 -- a decrease of 9.8pc on 2010.

The pattern in the capital was repeated throughout the country where men were responsible for 136,036 points and women 79,109.

In all categories of offences for which penalty points were issued, men outnumbered women.

But they were almost on a par when it came to children not wearing rear seat safety belts. Some 236 women and 238 men were penalised for this offence.


Drivers in the 26-40 age category were the biggest offenders, incurring 41pc of the total.

It's clear motorists have altered their behaviour significantly in recent years.

A 21.1pc reduction in the number of penalty points issued was recorded since 2007 when 326,598 were imposed, according to Central Statistics Office (CSO) Transport Omnibus report.

However, speeding remains a major problem, accounting for 199,189 of the total last year, an increase of 6pc on 2010.

Driving a vehicle while holding a mobile phone resulted in 27,026 penalty points, a decrease of 37pc from the previous year.

These two categories of offences accounted for 88pc of the total.

Motorists in Dublin incurred more penalty points (56,609) than drivers in any other county.

The next highest was Cork, where 21,364 were issued. The top five was completed by Kildare (13,001), Limerick (11,447) and Galway (10,180).

There were a total of 186 road fatalities last year, representing a decrease of 12.3pc on 2010.

The report also shows:

•128,000 driving tests were conducted in 2011. The average pass rate was 51pc.

•985,000 cars underwent the National Car Test (NCT) in 2011. Over 93pc of these passed after one or more tests.

•In 2010, 212 people were killed and 8,270 people were injured on Irish roads.

According to the report, there were 2,419,523 vehicles under current licence in 2011.

When compared with 2010, the total vehicle kilometres travelled decreased by 1.7pc and the average kilometres driven per year decreased by 1pc.


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