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Megan's move from children's TV to racy articles on website


Megan Cassidy

Megan Cassidy

Megan Cassidy

A children’s TV presenter has gone from playing Snow White in a pantomime to writing racy online articles.

Megan Cassidy played Professor Fun on RTE kids TV show ‘The Curious World of Professor Fun and Dr Dull’.

But in something of a career change she is not writing for popular website Her.ie – where her posts definitely aren’t for kids.

Recent articles by the 25-year-old include 11 Reasons Car Sex Shouldn’t Be A Thing and 11 Reasons Shower Sex Shouldn’t Be A Thing.

Last night she told the Herald that she’s enjoying her new job.

“You’re not pigeon-holed in there – you can really write about whatever you like so I’m really enjoying that,” she said.

However, she emphasised her new role is completely separate from her career as a children’s broadcaster.

“I’m a character on RTE. I’m not myself. It’s separate,” she told the Herald.

Last night at RTE spokeswoman said that while Megan’s work on TV and on RTE Jr’s radio station is still being broadcast, the Waterford native no longer works for the station.

“She finished with us a number of weeks ago,” the spokeswoman said.

“If her show is on air it is a repeat.”

Along with her appearances on children’s T, aspiring actor Megan played the lead role in the Gaeity Theatre’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Christmas panto in 2013.

She previously opened up about her work on RTE’s kids channel.

“I’m making the most of the amazing experience,” she told the Herald.

“The presenting thing has only come about recently me because I normally act and I’m not a planner.

“I haven’t aggressively pursued it yet, but it’s definitely a route I want to go down.”

While she enjoys being in front of the camera, Megan admitted she felt under pressure to look TV-ready all the time like her presenter colleagues.

“Diana Bunici and Blathnaid Treacy always look so well-groomed, so you really do have to think about that,” she explained.

Megan, whose younger sisters are both models, also joked that her family should have their own reality TV show.

“We could be the next Kardashians – get a reality TV show going,” Megan said.

“Although perhaps we’re more like the Nolans.”