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Meet the sister act tipped to be the next big girl group

Three sisters from Los Angeles producing fun and infectious folk-pop are being tipped for the top this year.

The Fleetwood Mac-inspired Haim sisters have appeared in a growing number of lists produced at the start of each year.

The band topped BBC's 'Sound of 2013' poll yesterday, decided by over 200 experts, and also appeared on the cover of music magazine NME this week.

Matt Wilkinson, New Bands Editor at NME, was upbeat about indie music in 2013 because up-and-coming acts like Haim had the attitude to succeed unlike some of the more "reluctant" stars of the past.

"The difference is that they want to be pop stars, want to be on the front of NME, want to create their own scene and want to be No 1," he said.


"It's been quite a long time since bands really wanted to do that."

Haim is made up of Este, Alana and Danielle, all in their early- to mid-20s. As energetic as they are photogenic, they are signed to Polydor.

Dorian Lynskey of the Guardian praised their "fantastic, inventive songs", and said they were part of a revival from "the current sickly condition of chart pop" dominated by familiar faces like Rihanna.

Sharing NME's new music cover with Haim is Palma Violets, a London-based indie quartet also longlisted on the BBC's annual survey, whose past winners include Grammy winners Adele and 50 Cent.

Whether or not inspired by the likes of Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and beyond, a new crop of female performers-with-attitude has emerged ready to take on the world.