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Meet the little girl who is being educated on your old PCNET: Kenyan schoolgirl Saum Salim at the computer

AN African schoolgirl is the 500,000th child to become digitally literate thanks to an Irish charity which reuses old computers.

Kenyan student Saum Salim (9) from the Holy Tree Academy in Mombasa, wants to be a pilot when she grows up.

Camara Education, based in Dublin, partnered with her school so she could have access to IT equipment.

Since 2005, more than 35,000 computers have been sent to over 1,650 schools in Africa, Jamaica and Ireland.

Anyone with used desktops, laptops, monitors, keyboards and power leads can donate them to Camara.

Saum's father, Salim Mangale Bakari, said: "She will be able to add more knowledge and whatever she doesn't know she will get it from the computer.

"And it is easy for her to make revision, if she forgets the syllabus, she goes to the computer and gets the revision that was being taught two weeks back."

Head teacher and founder of the Holy Tree Academy, Beatrice Mchalongo, said: "Learning has improved so much. The kids are getting learning materials from the computers."

Camara, which was founded seven years ago in Dublin and now has offices in Northern Ireland, the US and England, said the demand for its educational package has increased dramatically in Kenya and other African countries.

For more information, and where to leave old computer equipment, see www.camara.org