Thursday 18 October 2018

Meet one-in-a-million leap year sisters as they get ready to party

THESE Dublin sisters will celebrate their special birthday with the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House on Leap Day.

Lana (8) and Robyn (4) McKeon only get the opportunity to mark their official birthday once every four years.

But this leap year, they are toast of the town as Lord Mayor Andrew Montague -- also born on Leap Day -- wants to mark his '11th birthday' with 29 friends.

Although odds of being born on February 29 are slim, it's unlikely that any bookmaker would offer odds on two sisters being born on that date.

Mum Suzanne and dad Martin from Clonsilla said that neither of her little girls were due on the day.

"Lana was three days over. Robyn was due in early March and I purposely didn't want her to be born on the same day but mother nature had her own ideas," Suzanne said.

"It is a little bit more unusual that they are sisters, both born on this date. The statistics are something crazy."

The sisters were wide awake until late last night in anticipation of the excitement of the week ahead, their mum Suzanne said. Lana and Robyn will celebrate their second and first birthdays tomorrow.

"There is always the countdown from Christmas but we would have always celebrated in February -- as close to the day itself. I think with all the fuss this year, they feel extra special," said Suzanne.

"A friend of mine works in the council and the Lord Mayor sent around a mail saying that because it was his birthday and it was a leap year, he would like to get 29 friends together to celebrate his 11th birthday.

But although they were born on the exact day, the girls couldn't be more different as Robyn loves everything about farming and animals while Lana is much more of a girly girl."She loves iCarly and all the girly things, but Robyn loves copying her big sister," Suzanne said. The Lord Mayor said that there are big plans for a party with up to 100 people -- the 29 people born on the February 29 and their family and friends. "I haven't met too many people before but everyone is coming out of the woodwork," he told the Herald.

"I always felt that it was an extra special celebration, I always liked having something a bit different. We'll have musical chairs, Rice Krispie cakes and I'll wear an 11-year-old badge."


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