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Medic cleared over heart attack death

A DOCTOR who discharged a 32-year-old man an hour before he died of a heart attack has been found cleared of poor professional performance.

A Medical Council fitness to practise inquiry found that only one out of seven allegations against Dr Sandor Endredi, inset, had been proven as fact.

This allegation was that Dr Endredi failed to make an adequate record of his consultation with Mr Anthony Geraghty.

Mr Geraghty was brought to the Northdoc out-of-hours clinic in Coolock, Dublin, by his twin brother Damien at 12:45am on the morning of October 20, 2009.

He had difficulty breathing and was in a state of panic at the time.

The inquiry heard that Mr Geraghty had a history of heart disease, was on 'maintenance methadone' for a number of years and had a history of drinking and taking benzodiazepine-type medication. Dr Endredi diagnosed him with an upper airway infection, obesity, tachycardia (abnormally fast heart rate), hypertension and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

He told the inquiry that after prescribing Mr Geraghty with an antibiotic and a beta-blocker to treat his heart rate, he discharged him and advised him to visit his GP.

The fitness to practice committee's decision will now be forwarded to the Medical Council board which will decide on any sanctions.