Monday 22 January 2018

'Me and Dom will swap Japan for Oz' - Nadia

Nadia will be returning to these shores as she gets ready for the Christmas Panto season Picture: Collins Dublin
Nadia will be returning to these shores as she gets ready for the Christmas Panto season Picture: Collins Dublin

She left Ireland for Japan, but now Nadia Forde is packing her bags again - and heading for the sunny beaches of Australia.

The Dublin model is leaving her home in Nagoya after her boyfriend Dominic Day lined up a move to the Melbourne Rebels team.

The reality TV star (27) will be making the move next year, after she performs in the Christmas panto Aladdin as Princess Jasmine.

"We're actually moving to Melbourne at the start of next year, so this will be my last couple of months in the house in Japan and then I'm coming home for panto," she told the Diary.

"I'm going to go back to get the last bit of time that myself and Dom have before the craziness of rehearsals.

"It will be early next year. When I finish work, I'll head out. He'll probably go a few weeks before me."

The brunette previously divided her time between Dublin and Britain while her boyfriend was based in his native Wales.

While the couple will be based in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, Nadia is already thinking ahead to where they will find themselves next.

"Who knows after Melbourne? We'll see. For me, I just love travelling. I love getting to see different parts of the world," she said.

"You get to travel and you get to do it with someone who is so important to you, so it's really special.


"It's like a big adventure for the two of us. I'm really enjoying every aspect of it. Even when you're homesick, you're both in it together."

The couple made the move to Asia in May after Dominic landed a place on the Toyota Verblitz team.

Despite the language barrier, Nadia admitted she has enjoyed living in Japan for the last few months.

"I have loved it. The Rugby World Cup is going to be there, it's amazing. I have a bit of Japanese now, just enough to get me through the day with ordering food and stuff," she said.

Nadia found it hard to communicate with people in Japan in the early days and had an interpreter to help her settle in.

"We have good friends there with the Kiwis and Australians that are out there. Our interpreter is a great friend, she comes to most places with us.

"The first time I went to the supermarket she came with me. Japanese people, once you make any kind of effort, they appreciate it."

Nadia will be on the new series of Celebrity MasterChef. "I am definitely one of the more chaotic cooks in the kitchen. I think the judges were quite taken aback."

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