Sunday 21 January 2018

McNamara facing retirement after spinal surgery


Jockey Robbie McNamara has said that spinal surgery after a horror fall went well, posting a picture of himself giving the thumbs up online.

He Tweeted the snap last night from his bed in Dublin's Mater Hospital.

"Like to thank everyone for the kind words. Ribs and spine very stiff and sore but Op went well. Plenty of work ahead," he told fans.

There have been fears that his injuries, suffered after a serious fall at Wexford racecourse on Friday, may cut his career short.

His injuries included a number of fractures, abdominal bleeding and a collapsed lung.

Speaking to the Herald, Dr Adrian McGoldrick, chief medical advisor for the Irish Turf Club, said the jockey will be out of action "for the foreseeable future".

"He's stable and in very good spirits. His other injuries are stabilising so it's a matter of letting him recover.

"He was very ill on Friday night and Saturday morning - but he's much more stable now."

He added that the popular jockey won't announce his future career plans "for some time".

"The next phase is recuperation - and he'll take it from there.


"Usually when you have spinal surgery, and he has multiple injuries, it's less likely that you will ride again.

"But he'll have to wait and see how things evolve."

In an emotional tribute to the popular jockey prior to Saturday's Grand National, trainer Jim Culloty said: "My prayers are with him [Robbie]."

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