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McGregor fight green light as Aldo ribs bruised, not cracked

ULTIMATE fighting fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the Conor McGregor world title bout with Jose Aldo has gotten the green light.

The Las Vegas showdown was thrown in jeopardy over fears that featherweight champion Aldo had broken a rib during training.

But it turns out it was just some bruising and he should be back in shape by fight night next month.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bosses made the announcement that there was no broken rib early this morning.


But they also said that if Aldo is not fit to fight in the MGM Grand on July 11, Crumlin man McGregor will have a different opponent, Chad Mendez, and that they would battle it out for an interim belt.

"In light of recent reports regarding the status of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, UFC has received official medical confirmation from several doctors that Aldo did not suffer a broken rib," a UFC statement said.

"Following a review of the scans, it has been determined that the champion suffered a bone bruise to his rib and cartilage injury during training.

"With this news, Aldo has expressed that he has every intention of facing Conor McGregor.

"While Aldo has indicated that he will compete in Las Vegas on July 11, UFC has confirmed a contingency plan.

"No.1 featherweight contender Chad Mendes will face McGregor for the interim UFC featherweight championship in the event Aldo cannot compete.

"UFC remains committed to delivering the featherweight and the welterweight championship fights at UFC 189 during UFC International Fight Week in Las Vegas."

The news that Aldo will likely be fit to fight will also come as a welcome relief to UFC chiefs with the bout expected to generate record income.

Aldo's sparring partner, Alcides Nunes, had been mimicking McGregor's spinning back kick when he slipped on a sweaty mat and accidentally caught undefeated Aldo in the ribs.

"I was mimicking McGregor's unorthodox style, things he does in the fight. I'm also left-handed, my style is similar to his, so that's why they asked me to be part of his camp, but I ended up slipping and causing this injury," Nunes told MMAFighting.com.

Nunes said that Aldo initially continued training after receiving the blow describing him as a "warrior" but was eventually brought to hospital.