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'Mayhem' as Facebook house party turns nasty

GANGS of youths who learned of the party flocked to the house in the quiet Ridgewood Estate. The semi-detached house was targeted by the youths who were seen arriving on foot with cases of beer.

One neighbour said there was a "tsunami" of damage after the gangs arrived shortly after 8pm. "We didn't even know there was supposed to be a party, and people just started arriving and being dropped off.

"There just seemed to be loads and loads of them, and the next thing the music was thumping and there was loads of different voices. It was frightening," she added.

"I could see them in the back garden jumping up and down on a mattress and making a huge mess.

"I picked up the phone to ring the gardai but they were here before I even finished talking to them."

It is believed the owners of the house emigrated to Australia a few years ago, and they rent out the property.

Neighbours told the Herald today they did not know who the new residents are. "It was totally out of control. When the gardai turned up they were taunted and had glass bottles thrown at them," said another resident. "They acted quickly to break up the party. If they hadn't arrived when they did it would've been worse."

"The teen's grandfather has been left to pick up the pieces and tell the boy's family that their home has been destroyed," said one neighbour.

Gardai confirmed they are investigating the damage to the property which has now been named 'Project X' online after the movie of the same name about students who throw a party that gets out of hand.