Monday 18 December 2017

Maura prepared for 'emotional' trip to Rwanda

Maura Derrane
Maura Derrane

RTE presenter Maura Derrane has spoken of a forthcoming charity trip to Rwanda.

The mum-of-one told the Diary she expects to find being in the African country an emotional experience.

She's travelling there with charity Bothar as she does her part for a good cause and visits some of the projects it's supporting.

The country was left devastated by the 1994 genocide, which saw a million people killed over a three-month period in the conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi people.

TV3's former crime reporter will be putting on her journalist hat for the trip and looking at how Bothar has helped Rwandans in recent years.

"I was in India with the Hope Foundation about six years ago. I visited Kolkata and that was a sad place, you heard a lot of very harrowing stories," said Maura.

"But I think the Rwanda story is very positive. It's hard to believe that it's been just 23 years since the war and yet you have neighbours living happily side by side who would have been killing each other before.

"It's a very strange scenario and yet they have learnt to live with it. I suppose you have to look forward - there's no other choice but to move on."

She will be joined by a cameraman on her trip and plans to show some footage from her time there when the Today show comes back in September.


"It's a very productive charity, Bothar," said Maura.

"They send live animals over to families who desperately need them and they get to rear them in a sustainable way. So we're going to go over to see all the work that they do."

The Galway woman has been enjoying a well-earned break since filming ended on the latest season of the Cork-based afternoon show that she co-presents with Daithi O Se.

She recently flew to Menorca, from where she posted a picture of her looking fabulous in a one-piece swimsuit on the beach.

"I haven't worn a bikini since I had Cal two years ago, but a one-piece swimsuit is grand, it holds you all together," she said.

"Ten years ago I'd wear an itsy-bitsy bikini no bother, but your body changes after a baby. I'm happy enough in a swimsuit, though."

Maura also had her first holiday abroad without her son with TD John Deasy after flying to the Spanish holiday island with her sister Rita.

"I came back fresh and so excited to see him. I want to do it every year now," she said.

Maura and the Today show team had a party in Dublin's NoLIta recently after chalking up their most successful season to date, with some shows pulling in 300,000 viewers.

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