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Maura moves on as she and Curtis strut their stuff


Maura Higgins asked professional Curtis Pritchard to teach her how to dance

Maura Higgins asked professional Curtis Pritchard to teach her how to dance

Maura Higgins asked professional Curtis Pritchard to teach her how to dance

No one puts Maura Higgins in the corner - and the Longford lass didn't drag her heels in making a bid for the attention of newly single Curtis Pritchard on last night's Love Island.

The model (28) set her sights on a dance lesson with the professional hoofer after he split from Amy Hart in the villa last week.

Maura revealed to Lucie Donlan on Friday that Curtis was just her type and she wanted him to teach her how to dance - and last night Maura got her wish.


However, as the pair cha-cha-cha'd round the garden, their moves didn't go unnoticed by heartbroken Amy.

Later, Maura turned to surfer girl Lucie again to admit she fancied Curtis "even more" after their night of dancing and she didn't feel the same about the guy she was coupled up with, Marvin Brooks.


Maura and Curtis Dance

Maura and Curtis Dance


Maura and Curtis Dance

Meanwhile, Lucie was having doubts of her own and the pair decided to talk to Marvin and George Rains about how they feel.

At the fire pit, Lucie told the pair: "Me and Maura feel the same, we're just not really feeling it."

Maura explained there wasn't a romantic connection between her and Marvin. He, however, didn't take it so well, claiming Maura had been "cold" with him.

"I hear you but that is bulls**t," he said.

"I've tried to overlook how you [Maura] have been cold.

"I came into this with you 50/50. I don't owe you anything."

Sticking up for herself, Maura ensured he knew she didn't think he owed her anything.

"I never said you did. Don't put words in my mouth, Marvin," she said.

Things seemed to be definitely off between the couple as Maura then approached Curtis to have a chat about her feelings for him.

Elsewhere, it looks like the love triangle between Anna Vakili, Ovie Soko and Jordan Hames has finally ended as Anna and Jordan shared a kiss last night.

Anna overheard Ovie telling Amber Gill that he was interested in pursuing Joanna Chimonides and talked it over with him on the day beds.

When he said he wasn't getting a positive vibe from her, she decided enough was enough and headed to find Jordan, sealing the deal with a kiss.

It wasn't all drama though, as the Islanders got a special visit from Craig David.

The DJ arrived to give them their own Ministry of Sound party - and providing Maura the perfect opportunity to show off her new moves.

Love Island continues at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.