Thursday 18 January 2018

Match tickets and passport ruined in blaze but Liam's 1990 kit survives

Liam Stenson with his treasured Italia 90 jersey Picture: Mark Condren
Liam Stenson with his treasured Italia 90 jersey Picture: Mark Condren
The blaze at Liam’s grandparents’ house in Glasnevin

A fire at a house in Glasnevin has cost an Ireland fan who travelled from the States the two match tickets he had for the Euro 2016 finals.

Liam Stenson (21) was sleeping in his grandfather Christy's house on Walnut Rise when the blaze broke out in the early hours of yesterday.

Among his possessions were a pair of tickets for Ireland's crunch game in Group E against Italy.

Liam didn't even have time to grab his diabetes medication when the fire broke out in the roof above his bedroom, and he had to leave everything behind.

"I was supposed to be going over to France but it's not looking likely now. My passport was destroyed as well," said Liam as Christy and his wife Ann picked through their belongings.

"The one good thing is that my favourite Italia 90 jersey survived.

"It was in the bottom of my case, and although everything was ruined by smoke and water it was somehow protected.

"The important thing of course is that everyone survived and nobody was hurt, but naturally I was looking forward to seeing the game.

Five units of Dublin Fire Brigade from Phibsboro, North Strand and Finglas spent an hour fighting the blaze, which broke out in the attic of the house, before bringing it under control.

Christy, whose 80th birthday is today, told the Herald he woke to the sounds of popping and crackling over his head at around 3am.


"I didn't know what the noise was. I thought it was something in the bathroom and I went to check and I couldn't see anything there," he said.

"I thought Liam might not be well, but then I got a suspicion that it was something in the attic.

"I opened the hatch for the attic stairs and then I could see the whole attic was glowing and I shut the hatch and got everyone out.

"I was trying to dial 999 but I didn't realise that the landline was burned through so I had to go back upstairs to get the mobile.

"By the time the fire brigade arrived the flames were dancing off the roof. The whole house is destroyed."

Fire crews managed to save Liam's insulin supply and equipment for his insulin pump.

Every floor was damaged by fire or water or smoke, and the Stensons will have to stay with relatives until the mess is all cleared up.

A picture taken by Liam of the drama in the early hours of the morning shows the flames spreading.

"We're just glad everybody got out alive. There's a lot of damage done but everyone is still alive," said Christy.

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