Friday 15 December 2017

'Masked thieves knocked me off bike and stole it'

a MOTORBIKE owner has described the terrifying moment when two thugs knocked him off his bike and threatened to stab before stealing his vehicle.

Michael Dalton (52) was driving to work on Wednesday morning when he stopped to get a newspaper, near the Cappagh Road in Finglas.

Shortly after picking up the paper he was stopped at a red light on his Honda CBR-600RR at around 7.15am when he was approached from behind by the hooded men.

The father-of-three said that he could only see their eyes and estimated that both his assailants were both aged between 25 and 30.


"I was stopped at the shop to get the newspaper. I came back out of the shop and I was stopped at the traffic lights.

"Suddenly these two thugs came and pushed me over," he told the Herald.

"I fell and I was trapped underneath the bike, the cars around didn't see and obviously just thought I'd fallen. They were screaming that they wanted the bike," he added.

As he lay on the ground one of the men grabbed him by the helmet and dragged him from underneath the vehicle.

As he got up Mr Dalton said that he was wrestling with one of the men, when the other started towards him.

"They were saying that they were going to stab me. I was wrestling with one and the other came towards me.

"He had his hand in his pocket and I didn't know what he had, it could have been a knife, it could event have been a gun," he added.

It was then that Mr Dalton decided to throw the keys away, before one of the men picked them up, got on the bike and sped away south on the Cardiff Bridge Road.

"I didn't want my children seeing their father on a hospital bed," he said.

Mr Dalton said that the incident happened very quickly. He was left shocked, but otherwise uninjured in the ordeal.

A woman stopped and rang the police and a squad car was on the scene within minutes. Mr Dalton drove around Finglas with the gardai but could not find the thugs.

"What annoys me is I was just on my way to work to pay my mortgage and to raise my kids.

"Then these scumbags, who have probably never worked a day in their lives, come and steal my bike," he said.

Gardai at Finglas have launched an investigation.


In a separate incident, gardai are continuing to investigate an armed robbery in which a delivery driver was threatened with a handgun and forced to drive to a laneway when a criminal jumped into his van at traffic lights.

The drama unfolded at Snugborough Road in Blanchardstown at around 10.30pm last Saturday when the 30-year-old man was driving a black Iveco PC World truck.

A senior source told the Herald that as the driver waited for the lights to change, a man jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle and produced a small black handgun.

The suspect's face was covered and he was wearing latex gloves.


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