Sunday 17 December 2017

Masked men stop meters being installed water works

MASKED protestors blocked Irish Water workers from installing meters for the last three days.

Workers from GMC Sierra have repeatedly been stopped from working in various areas of Dublin city since Tuesday.

Yesterday, one individual wearing a balaclava and dressed in a 'GAP' hoodie blocked in a work van on the Stoney Road, North Strand.

The same person earlier this week threatened to physically harm an Irish Water contractor when he realised he was being filmed by the water meter installers without his identity hidden. He verbally abused the worker and demanded that he delete the video.

Meanwhile across the city yesterday, two men, one wearing a balaclava, prevented driver of separate Irish Water vans from going about their duties on Donore Avenue in Dublin 8.

In a separate incident on Wednesday, a group of protesters at Portmahon Drive, Rialto, who were not covering their faces, removed barriers from footpaths where they had been placed for metre installation works.

People Before Profit councillor Brid Smith was present in Rialto.

"We prevented the water metering from commencing there," Ms Smith told the Herald.

"There were two [Irish Water] vans that I could see and maybe about eight workers and two gardaí who we offered a cup of tea to but they declined.

"I stood on the little shore that they were trying to work around" she said.

Ms Smith denied she had removed any barriers. "Some of the protesters did but I didn't", she said.

"I don't see any problem with it," she added.

In another incident on the nearby Upper cross Road in Rialto, a group of protesters stood inside barriers preventing workers from installing meters.

Last night, Irish Water said that metering works in Dublin 8 were not rescheduled and works in the area were at "where we intended to be".

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