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'Marriage is so much better now' - Tommy


Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan has said his marriage is in a "better place" now that his wife is no longer his manager.

The Navan man is married to Yvonne McMahon, the mother of three of his six children, with the elder three from a previous relationship.

He said that while she was "phenomenal" at her job as his manager for two tours, the working relationship wasn't helping them.

Speaking to the RTE Guide, he said: "While I've never had a better manager, someone so thorough in her job, you also think this shouldn't be in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

"This should be in an office somewhere or on the phone.


"Now, it's very exciting to have sex with your manager, that feels fantastic, but unfortunately the thrill doesn't make the overall situation worthwhile.

"The two of us realised it wasn't working. Our marriage is now in a much better place because we're not in that dynamic."

Tiernan has recently become a familiar face to a whole new audience as Erin's dad Gerry in Derry Girls.