Monday 11 December 2017

Marian Keyes bounces back with 'sexy' book

MARIAN Keyes is ready to bounce back with her most 'upbeat' book in years which is filled with sexy tales.

"There's loads of riding in it, which is great," she joked and added "there is just tons of sex".

At 50 she said her writing is changing. Not only is she finally able to write about sex with ease, but her heroines are also getting older.

"I often find it incredibly uncomfortable writing about sex but whatever mood I was in it was easy this time," she told the Herald.

The brave author has been extremely open about her struggle with depression.

But she is putting it behind her now and she revealed that writing a love story helped her to stay positive.

"I am feeling so much better now after not being well for so long," she said. "I'm happy today and all we really have is today."

"It was a very happy experience writing the new story," she added. "It's a really nice book and I'm really very proud of it."

Both her fiction and non-fiction books tackle serious subjects such as domestic abuse and addiction, but this one is different she said.


"It's the least dark of my books since Watermelon. There are no dark issues, it's an upbeat story," she said.

The Woman Who Stole My Life, due to hit shelves in November, took her two years to write because she is a "control freak" she said.

"I'm neurotic about getting to know my character. I do all my own copy editing," she said. "I can't farm it out like everyone else. I'm too much of a control freak."

Despite her regular publishing record, the author said she feels like a slacker when she compares herself to other writers.

"I feel like a laggard compared to everyone else who seems to be lashing them out every year," she admitted.

Her new book is set between Dun Laoghaire and New York and she said that she would never want to live or write anywhere other than the seaside Dublin suburb.

She has lived there with her husband Tony for almost 18 years and she said that the sense of community is something that she prizes.

"I love it. It's very mixed and I definitely wouldn't want to live anywhere else," she said.


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