Friday 24 November 2017

Mansfield told his life in danger for a second time

Businessman Jim Mansfield had his permit revoked for a gun he claimed he needed to protect himself
Businessman Jim Mansfield had his permit revoked for a gun he claimed he needed to protect himself

Businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr was warned by Gardai that his life is in danger for a second time in less than a year, the Herald can reveal.

Mansfield brushed off the first warning his life was under threat claiming he couldn't see why anyone would want to harm him. However, just months later Gardai told him again that he was in danger.

It is believed associates of slain 'Fat' Andy Connors, who led Ireland's most prolific burglary gang, are behind the threats on Mansfield (49).

It emerged at the weekend that a gun permit for Mansfield's legally held firearm was revoked over Christmas.

It was reported that the businessman is said to have told gardai his reason for possessing the Walther .22 handgun was to protect himself.

However, the firearm was seized during a series of Criminal Assets Bureau raids in January 2015 during which 31 different sites were searched as part of an organised crime probe.

Mansfield, the son of the late Citywest tycoon Jim Mansfield Snr, has denied any involvement in crime.

Detectives from Clondalkin Garda Station first formally warned Mansfield there was a threat to his life in October 2014.

Mansfield later denied that his life was in any danger or that gardai had told him so.

"I wouldn't see any reason why anyone would want to harm me," he told the Herald.

He was issued with the second Garda Information Message (GIM) - a document given to a person when gardai have reason to believe that there are threats against their life - in late July 2015. Sources say Mansfield has since upped his personal security.

Mansfield was photographed just weeks later at a meeting with Ballymun criminal Thomas 'Nicky' McConnell in the capital. McConnell was jailed in 2013 after admitting threatening to kill a woman and put her in the boot of his car as she collected her son from school.

Attempts to contact Mansfield at the Dublin hotel he manages, Finnstown Castle Hotel, were unsuccessful last night.

The hotel was the scene of an armed robbery last October, during which a 27-year-old night porter was tied up and threatened at gunpoint before two masked men made off with more than €6,000 in cash.

Separately, in May 2014 a large bomb was discovered at the hotel, which forced the evacuation of a wedding.

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