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Man's murder bid appeal lost

A MAN who tried to murder a 10-year-old girl "to see what it was like to kill someone" has lost his latest appeal over a life sentence.

Eric Daniels (29) had asked the Supreme Court to decide whether the sentence imposed on him for the attempted murder of the child 13 years ago impermissibly constituted preventative detention.

A five-judge Supreme Court unanimously ruled it was a proper sentence under Irish law.

In February 2003, Daniels, of Elm Park, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, pleaded guilty to attempting to strangle the child with a boot lace after he had lured her to a field near his home on the pretext of looking for some puppies.

Arab pact to fight IS threat

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are discussing the creation of a military pact to take on Islamic militants, with the possibility of a joint force to intervene around the Middle East.

The alliance would also serve as a show of strength to counterbalance their traditional rival, Shiite-dominated Iran.

16 years' jail for fake university

A San Francisco woman was sentenced to 16 years in jail for running what prosecutors said was a sham university that served as a front for an immigration scam.

Susan Xiao-Ping Su, founder and president of the phony Tri-Valley University, was accused of charging foreigners tuition and other payments for visa-related documents that allowed them to live in the US while she purported that they were there legally to study.

She was also ordered to forfeit $5.6m (€4.5m) and pay more than $900,000 (€718,000) in restitution.

Good news as oil prices cut

Oil prices slumped to multi-year lows after Saudi Arabia decided to cut the price of oil sold to the US, a move shaking an already volatile market but which will likely give the world economy a stimulus.

The 25pc or so slide in oil prices since the summer could boost consumer spending and business investment in many economies around the world as fuel bills fall.