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Man who hit pilot with golf club is jailed

A US pilot who was in Dublin resting between flights was hit on the head with a broken golf club in an unprovoked assault, a court has heard.

Alfred Anderson (40) said he was “lucky to be wearing a hat” when he was attacked by a Lithuanian man who mistook him for someone else.

Mr Anderson underwent a CAT scan and was unable to fly his plane back to New York after the incident on April 10 last year.

He suffered from headaches and bouts of light-headedness for weeks following the attack.

Garret Baker BL, prosecuting, said Mr Anderson was down €5,513 in lost wages because of the injury.

Tomas Vilkas (20) was sentenced to two years in prison with the final six months suspended at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Vilkas, of Cabra Park, Phibsborough, Dublin, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm in Drumcondra Road Lower.

Judge Carmel Stewart noted from the victim impact report that the assault had seriously affected Mr Anderson on a number of levels.

However, she said it was fortunate his injuries had not been more serious.


She also noted that Vilkas had gone to the garda station and taken full responsibility for the offence.

Gda Declan Cushell told the court Mr Anderson had been walking in Drumcondra Road Lower when he felt a heavy blow to the back of his head.

He managed to get away, but saw Vilkas and three others walking into a house in Whitworth Place.

The occupant of the house said that some men, who he believed to be Romanian, had earlier smashed a window of his house.

He phoned some of his friends, including Vilkas, to come over and “sort those Romanians out”.

Vilkas went to gardai the following day and said he had been very drunk the previous night.

He said a fight had broken out between himself and a group of Romanians.

He picked up a broken golf club and hit a man who he thought was one of the Romanians.

Vilkas has seven previous convictions from Lithuania, including theft, disorderly conduct and robbery.