Friday 15 December 2017

Man tries to force his way into woman’s car in broad daylight

Aishling Keenan (27) said the whole incident had left her very angry Credit: Facebook
Aishling Keenan (27) said the whole incident had left her very angry Credit: Facebook
Aishling Keenan, who was parked in Dublin's busy city centre when a man tried to force open her car door Credit: Facebook

A young woman was left shocked after a man tried to force his way into her car while she was parked outside a busy shopping centre in Dublin.

Aishling Keenan (27) was waiting for a work colleague outside the Stephen’s Green shopping centre at around 1pm when a man appeared beside her car and tried to open the door.

“I was pulled up at the back of Stephen’s Green waiting for a colleague of mine, when the man walked up and tapped on my passenger window.

“He was pointing at something behind me; I thought it was maybe a Garda or something, so I turned to look.”

With Ms Keenan distracted, the stranger then tried to force open the passenger door.

“It was very quick – the moment I looked away, he must have reached for the handle.

“Thankfully it was locked because I don’t know what would have happened otherwise.”

The 27-year-old, who works as a journalist at a popular magazine, said she was not scared but rather angry over the shocking incident.

“I’m angry because this is my city, and I shouldn’t have to feel intimidated - especially not at lunch time surrounding by hundreds of people.

“I’d expect something like this to happen at 2am, not in broad daylight,” she said.

Unable to open the door, the man, dressed in tracksuit with a gaunt look, proceeded to walk around the front of the vehicle and try his luck with the driver’s side.

“Before I could do anything, he walked in front of my car and around to the driver’s door and tried to open that,” Ms Keenan said.


According to the young journalist a few people noticed the incident but did not intervene.

“There were tons of people about because it was lunchtime and a few looked over at what was happening.

“No one came help though… probably because they didn’t realise something sinister was going on.

“Maybe the thought it was a friend of mine or something,” Ms Keenan added.

Deciding she had had enough, the 27-year-old put her car into reverse and backed away from the man hoping it would deter him from trying to get into the car.

However, this did little to faze the man who proceeded to renew his efforts to force a door open.

“That’s when I decided to just go, it took me swinging the car around and driving the wrong way down the road and breaking the lights to shake the guy off.

“I’ve no idea what he was after, my phone, my bag, my car. All I know is that he seemed fairly determined to get into my car.”

Ms Keenan said she had not reported the incident to Gardaí yet but said that she wanted to tell her story as a warning to other drivers to keep their doors locked at all times.

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