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Man stole €13k after ATM ruse

A MAN will be sentenced later for stealing almost €13,000 from two women who were tricked at separate ATM machines in Dublin.

A court heard that in both incidents, the women had been withdrawing cash when someone told them they had dropped a €10 note.

When they turned around, their bank cards were swapped for different ones without their knowing.

Dan Cirpaci (26), with an address at Temple Hall, Parnell Square, Dublin 1, faced a total of 30 counts. He pleaded guilty to four, with the rest to be taken into consideration.

Judge Desmond Hogan remanded Cirpaci on bail for sentencing on November 18.

Building bolts fall 47 storeys

A cordon has been placed around a London landmark known as the Cheesegrater after two steel bolts fell off and plunged to the ground.

An investigation has been launched by property developers British Land after the incident at its 47-storey Leadenhall Building in central London.

The company said no one was injured and there was "no risk to the structural integrity of the building".

Call centre 'loo tax' complaint

Call centre staff in Britain are being hit with a "toilet tax" for leaving their desks to use the loo.

Labour's Madeleine Moon told the Commons one of her constituents in Bridgend was docked £50 (€64) from his monthly pay for "toilet visits".

Ms Moon said staff were being "fined" for comfort breaks despite being provided with "copious amounts of water" to keep their voices lubricated while speaking to customers on the phone.

Space ship may fly next year

The space tourism company that suffered a tragic setback when its experimental rocket-powered spaceship broke apart over California's Mojave Desert could resume test flights as early as next summer if it can finish building a replacement craft.

The ship, SpaceShipTwo Serial No 2, will replace the one that was destroyed last week after a system failure led aerodynamic forces to rip it apart, killing the co-pilot and seriously injuring the pilot.