Thursday 18 July 2019

Man shot in city attack had broken both his legs

The scene of a shooting on Raheen Drive in Cherry Orchard
The scene of a shooting on Raheen Drive in Cherry Orchard

The man shot in a suspected murder attempt in Ballyfermot had been recovering from breaking both his legs.

Jason Williams (42) was still unsteady on his feet when targeted, according to his shocked father.

Williams was gunned down as he had a cigarette outside a friend's house on Raheen Drive shortly after 9am yesterday.

He was hit in the abdomen and shoulder and was rushed to St James's Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

He remained last night in a serious condition.

Williams was at a friend’s house
Williams was at a friend’s house

His father, Michael, said Williams, from nearby Clover Hill Road, had fallen off a ladder some weeks ago and was only now regaining some mobility.


"He was still hobbling around. He was just standing outside a friend's house when this happened. We don't know who did it or why," he said.

Sources close to the investigation into yesterday's shooting said there are no immediate suspects or motives.

Gardai are hoping to interview Williams, known locally as Jay, in the coming days.

"While Williams had come to some minor garda attention in the past, it was many years ago and as such he would not be on the radar," said a source.

Williams suffered serious injuries in yesterday's attack, but had responded to surgery, said his father.

"I was in to see him and he was conscious after his surgery. I don't know why he was shot. I can't think of a reason why. It could be mistaken identity," he said.

It is believed the gunman or gunmen may have hidden behind a van which had been innocently parked on Raheen Drive, and shot at Williams from the road.

He was visiting a friend's house and was targeted in the front garden.

Bloodstains could be seen in the driveway of the house as gardai continued to work at the scene yesterday afternoon.

The van opposite was fingerprinted and a thorough search of the road and neighbouring gardens was carried out.

Neighbours on Raheen Drive and Clover Hill Road said they were shocked at the news that Williams had been shot.

"His family are lovely people and Jay himself is well-known in the area. We can't believe it," said one woman.

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