Sunday 22 July 2018

Man pulled ex's hair and smashed her car window

A FATHER-of-one arrested for pulling his ex-girlfriend's hair and "manhandling" her returned to her house to kick on her door and scream in the letterbox hours later.

Arvydas Girdenis (23) then had to be re-arrested when he returned a third time, expecting to be let into the house to wash for work.

He was given a four-month suspended sentence over the series of drunken incidents in south Dublin.

Girdenis, a supermarket worker from Boroimhe Beech, Swords, pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman, criminal damage to her car, breach of the peace and failing to obey garda direction.

Garda Susan Rooney told Dublin District Court she was called to the victim's address at Brookfield Place, Blackrock at 7.30am.

The accused had punched the rear window of her Peugeot 206, pulled her hair and laid his hand on her face. Girdenis had blood on his right hand and the glass was shattered on the ground. He was arrested, charged and released on bail.

Two and a half hours later, the gardai were called back and found the accused sitting in a red Ford Fiesta outside.

He had been outside the front door, kicking it and shouting in the letterbox.

He moved on but gardai saw him doing a "little loop of Blackrock" before returning 10 minutes later.

Girdenis and the victim had still been on good terms as they had a child together, his solicitor Peter Keatings said.

The night before, they had been socialising together; an argument blew up and he had been drinking.

He returned because he thought he would be able to wash at the house before work, Mr Keatings added.


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