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Man on the Bridge is focus of TV show

Generations of Dubliners will remember the Man on the Bridge.

Now a TV documentary is to be aired about street photographer Arthur Fields over Christmas.

Arthur first started taking photos of people crossing O'Connell Bridge in the 1930s. He worked 365 days a year and didn't retire until more than 50 years later.

Famous faces among his 182,000 snaps included Maureen O'Hara, Brendan Behan and a young George Harrison who was only seven at the time.

The photos have just been published in a book called Man on the Bridge.

Its publisher, The Collins Press, said Arthur was the Dublin-born son of Ukrainian immigrants who had fled anti-Semitism. He unknowingly became the unofficial family photographer of a city.

"Arthur provided a vital service taking photos of couples on first dates, people up in Dublin for a day, happy parents with newborn children, match-goers and many more," said the publisher.

The photos in the collection bear witness to a changing city.

Arthur (inset) didn't stop taking his photos on the bridge until he was 84. He lived in Raheny and walked to work every day.

The hour-long documentary on RTE will tell the story of the renowned photographer and delve into some of the images he captured

"Anybody over the age of 40 would know about the man on the bridge," said producer David Clarke.