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Man on IRA and firearms charge

A Dublin man facing an IRA membership and firearms charges has been remanded in custody by the Special Criminal Court.

Dean Byrne (23), of Drumcairn Park, Tallaght, was charged earlier this year after he and another man were arrested by members of the Special Detective Unit and the Garda Crime and Security Branch after an operation in Tallaght.

Mr Byrne is charged with membership of an unlawful organisation, and with the unlawful possession of a semi-automatic pistol and magazine and 10 rounds of ammunition on June 5, 2014.

Militant attack leaves 21 dead

Nigerian Islamist militants killed at least 21 people in an attack on the northeastern town of Malam Fatori, a lawmaker representing the area said.

Sen Maina Maaji Lawan said by phone thet the insurgents also engaged multinational military forces in the nearby village.

"The first group went to Malam Fatori and killed people at will," Lawan said. "While the second group went to Abadam and engaged" joint forces in battle, he said.

Pilgrims injured in stampede

Several people were injured during an annual Catholic pilgrimage in Bavaria after the horses pulling their carriage bolted, toppling the wagon over and spilling passengers onto the snowy ground.

The carriage carrying 15 women in traditional costume was part of the St. Leonhard pilgrimage in which hundreds of locals ride on horse-drawn carriages from the town of Bad Toelz to nearby Kalvarienberg mountain where they and their horses receive a priest's blessing.

Scientists form fake 'ghosts'

Artificial "ghosts" have been conjured up by scientists in an experiment so spooky that two participants asked for it to stop.

By having signals mixed up in their brains, volunteers were made to feel that a creepy "presence" was behind them.

They counted up to four phantoms positioned where no-one was standing - and touching their backs with invisible fingers.