Wednesday 16 January 2019

Man kills himself after stabbing his brothers to death

A MAN stabbed his younger twin brothers to death before he took his own life.

The family of Patrick and Tommy O'Driscoll - both aged nine-years-old - were left reeling yesterday after the boys were murdered by their older brother, Jonathan.

The killer, who is 21, then took his own life.

The horrific ordeal began on the outskirts of Charleville, Co Cork after the twins had returned home from primary school in nearby Banogue, Co Limerick.

It is understood that Jonathan had been minding his younger brothers at the bungalow home.


Gardai believe he stabbed the two boys before fleeing in a car. The alarm was raised by another sibling who discovered what had occurred shortly before 5pm yesterday.

A next-door neighbour was alerted to the tragedy when a boy came running out of the house screaming: "Jonathan killed my brothers."

It is understood that the bodies were found by two boys, aged three and five, who were in the house at the same time.

As emergency services responded, Jonathan had made his way to Buttevant, Co Cork - 14km away along the main Charleville-Cork road.

About an hour after the search for the car began, a group of children walking on the banks of a river in Buttevant, found the vehicle and the body of a man lying nearby.

The dead man was shortly afterwards identified as the brother of the twins. Foul play was ruled out by gardai investigating his death.

The twins' bodies are understood to have been discovered in separate bedrooms. Both had multiple stab wounds.


The boys' parents, Thomas and Ellen, were away at the time buying presents for the twins in Kilmallock, Co Limerick and were informed about the tragedy by telephone.

Kilmallock is a ten-minute drive from their home in Charleville.

There were screams of anguish outside the house late last night as relatives and neighbours struggled to come to terms with the tragedy.

The boys' grandmother helplessly looked on at the once happy home where the family lived, not able to comprehend what had happened.

The boys' parents were being comforted nearby by other relatives.

Just minutes before the tragedy unfolded, a close relative had chatted to Thomas O'Driscoll on the phone about a match.

An aunt of the boys, who did not wished to be named, said the entire family was shocked by the tragedy.

There are five houses close together near the O'Driscoll home in the Deerpark area, and last night the close-knit community was finding it hard to deal with the horror that had visited them.

"It's the saddest thing I ever saw in my life," one relative said.

"Jon must have been in a bad way himself, the cratur, and needed help himself."


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