Sunday 24 February 2019

Man killed in horror hit-and-run may have been struck by two cars

A floral tribute left to Ilmars Zorge near the spot where he was hit
A floral tribute left to Ilmars Zorge near the spot where he was hit

A man found dead on a Dublin road in a suspected hit-and-run may have been hit by two vehicles, it has emerged.

Gardai are investigating the circumstances around how the victim, named locally as Ilmars Zorge (35), was killed on the Swords to Ashbourne Road in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The investigation is complex because they know that Mr Zorge was lying on the road when witnesses saw him being hit by one car, which then failed to stop.

They are now trying to establish why he was lying in the roadway in the first place, and if he was hit by a vehicle that passed along the road earlier.

Mr Zorge had been at an after-work get-together on Saturday night and was walking home afterwards when the incident happened.

Sources say that a motorist driving on the Rathbeale Road from Swords towards Ashbourne spotted something on the road at around 1.30am and swerved to avoid it.

They then pulled in to the side of the road because they believed it was a person on the roadway.


A second car then came along and also successfully avoided the person on the road and also pulled in.

However, when both drivers then tried to warn an oncoming vehicle after spotting headlights coming towards them, they saw the car drive over the man lying on the roadway.

This car failed to stop and left the scene, according to the source.

The car that was seen driving away was a dark-coloured saloon and gardai are anxious to trace the driver of it.

Mr Zorge's injuries proved fatal, but gardai now have the difficult task of trying to establish if he had been injured before the time when the dark saloon car was seen driving over him.

"This car drove off in the direction of Ashbourne. The man was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later," said a Garda statement.

Mr Zorge was originally from Latvia and had been working in a tomato-growing enterprise called Monsport on the Swords to Ashbourne road.

Workers told the Herald that he had only been in the country three months.

"He would have had friends who worked here and who told him there would be a job here for him if he came over," said one worker.

"There was a party here on Saturday night, and Ilmars was walking home afterwards when the incident happened," they added.

Mr Zorge was found on the road not far from the entrance to Monsport.

The road is a straight section but not lit at night, and has no pedestrian footpaths at the section where the incident occurred. The speed limit on the road is 80kph an hour.

Mr Zorge was walking in the direction of his accommodation at Applewood, in Swords, a distance of approximately 2km, when the tragic incident happened.


A long skid mark could still be seen at the scene of the incident yesterday, and at a bus stop across the road from where Mr Zorge was killed someone had placed a red and white floral tribute to him. The colours of the flowers reflect the national flag of Latvia.

The incident happened just after a row of houses known locally as the 12 Apostles.

Workers at Monsport said that although he had not been working there long he was a good worker and well liked.

"It is very sad for him and for his family. I hope the gardai find out what happened to Ilmars," said one saddened colleague.

"He was working on Saturday and met with his friends afterwards socially, and then this happened. We don't know the details yet," said another.

Witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact Swords Garda Station on 01 666 4700.

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