Monday 16 December 2019

Man in his 70s sustains 'devastating' injuries in horrific coach crash

Gardai and emergency services at the scene of the collision involving a Streamline coach on Eden Quay
Gardai and emergency services at the scene of the collision involving a Streamline coach on Eden Quay

An elderly man suffered horrific injuries after he was hit by a coach in Dublin city centre.

Traffic was diverted for several hours following the shocking accident on Eden Quay at 1.40pm yesterday.

The man, aged in his late 70s, suffered serious injuries after he was hit by a black Streamline coach at the junction of Eden Quay and Marlborough Street.

A source told the Herald that he lives locally and comes from a very respected family.

"He would be described as a very quiet man who loves walking about the city and going to libraries and cultural events," he said.

"He suffered devastating injuries in the accident."

The driver of the coach wasn't injured, according to the owner of Streamline Coaches, based in Co Cavan. He declined further comment.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Several units of the Dublin Fire Brigade and gardai remained at the scene for several hours yesterday as garda forensic investigators carried out an examination.

The immediate area - including a section of the quay where Dublin Bus has a number of stops - was cordoned off.

Traffic was closed off from O'Connell Bridge through Eden Quay, leading to heavy traffic volumes on the approach to Arran Quay.

Dublin Bus said a number of its buses were diverted for several hours to facilitate the investigation. However, the cordon was lifted and traffic resumed before the evening rush hour.

The Swords Express bus, which normally operates its service to north Co Dublin from Eden Quay, experienced delays due to the diversion.

Many pedestrians, including those walking along the nearby Rosie Hackett Bridge, were told to stay away from the north boardwalk while gardai investigated the scene.

The accident happened so fast that few, if any, passersby witnessed it, or realised what had happened.


However, the mood was sombre as tourists and others going about their business heard of the incident.

Bobby Craciun, owner of the New York Hairdressing salon on Eden Quay, said the accident caught everyone by surprise.

Even though his salon was just metres away from the scene of the accident, neither he nor his staff was aware of what happened until the emergency services arrived on the scene.

"It was silent," he told the Herald. Although the door to salon was open due to the warm weather, no one heard anything, he said. "There was no sound, nothing."

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