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Man hurt in second city centre stab attack


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Gardai are investigating a second brutal stabbing which occurred on the same city street just over 48 hours after a man was knifed in an unrelated attack.

In the latest incident on Abbey Street in Dublin city centre, a 54-year-old man received a deep cut to his side when he got into an argument with three other men outside a homeless shelter.

Staff at the shelter on Middle Abbey Street witnessed the brutal assault and went to the man's aid.

They pulled the victim inside the shelter. However, the assailants followed the victim inside where he was stabbed.

The culprits had fled by the time that gardai arrived.

The victim, who is from the Halston Street area, required hospital treatment.

There have been no arrests so far in the case, which is being investigated by officers based at Store Street Garda Station.

Meanwhile, gardai from the same station are investigating a stabbing which occurred at the nearby Luas stop on Abbey Street at around 5pm on Saturday.

The victim, who lives at Sherrard Street in Dublin's north inner city, was knifed in his left arm during the course of a dispute with a thug.

The attacker fled the area on foot while Luas security staff preserved the scene while they waited for gardai to arrive at the scene.


When they got there, they discovered the victim, who was bleeding heavily, being assisted by his 22-year-old pal from the Tallaght area. The stabbed man was later hospitalised.

Officers continue to battle major anti-social behaviour and serious crime problems in the north inner city despite a number of high-profile operations against the street thugs in the locality.