Saturday 23 February 2019

Man held after gardai raid 'crystal meth lab' in city

Some of the items found in the garda raid in Walkinstown
Some of the items found in the garda raid in Walkinstown

Gardai have raided a suspected crystal meth lab in the capital and arrested a man after a surveillance operation.

Officers from the Crumlin drugs unit raided the lab at the Greenhills Road in Walkinstown yesterday and seized at least 15 litres of chemicals that gardai believe were to be used to make the deadly drug.

The estimated street value of the drugs seized was thought to be in excess of €450,000.


Other items seized included powdered substances, plastic containers, a chemical compound, a gas mask, face masks, digital weighing scales, a portable stove, butane gas, plastic funnels and other paraphernalia. A 50-year-old Czech national was arrested at the scene and he was last night being detained at Sundrive Road Garda Station under drug-dealing legislation.

Investigations have established that he had been living in Ireland for at least seven years.

Specialist gardai had been watching the suspected lab for around a fortnight.

"It is very unusual for a crystal meth lab to be uncovered in this country," a senior source said last night.

"It has long been suspected that Eastern European nationals have been involved in the manufacture and distribution of this deadly drug here and the arrest of a Czech national does seem to back it up.

"There is no information yet on what Irish gangs this suspect is involved with."

Crystal meth, short for methamphetamine, is a powerful form of speed which comes in the form of white ice crystals and is usually smoked through a pipe.

Cheaper than crack cocaine, it has become popular with Irish addicts because of its intense high.

Crystal meth was at the centre of acclaimed American TV series Breaking Bad.

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