Friday 15 December 2017

Man guilty of arson threat

A 40-year-old man who admitted harassing his neighbour and threatening to burn down her home will be sentenced next year to allow time for both him and the victims to be re-housed.

Jason White has been ordered not to return to his former home in Doon Court, Ballymun. White pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to offences carried out over a three-month period in 2012.

He admitted harassing mother-of-three Jacqueline Hogg at Doon Court and also threatening to damage her house on the second date.

Two killed in car bombing

A car bomb killed at least two people and injured 36 outside a hotel in southern Thailand yesterday, police said, the latest deadly attack in an area plagued by separatist violence for the past decade.

Police said the bomb was left in a vehicle about 50 metres from a hotel in the town of Betong, which is popular with tourists.

Suspect held in landlady death

A man wanted in connection with the murder of a guest house landlady has been arrested after a week-long manhunt.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed that John Heald (53) was arrested in the Rotherham area this afternoon.

A large police operation has been under way involving more than 150 officers since the murder of Bei Carter (49), who was found dead at Morayland Hotel, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Officers also wanted to talk to Heald about a serious sexual assault in Sheffield a week before.

Teen's mighty mouthful

Dental surgeons in India's largest city have removed 232 small "tooth-like structures" from the mouth of a teenage boy with a rare medical condition.

Mumbai medics said the 17-year-old had been suffering from jaw pain and swelling for more than 18 months.

Surgeon Vandana Thoravade said Ashik Gavai suffered from complex odotoma, a rare condition in which a tumour grows underneath the gum and creates smaller tooth-like growths called denticles.

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