Sunday 23 September 2018

Man goes berserk and headbutts truck in city centre


Members of the public try to subdue the man who attacked the truck
Members of the public try to subdue the man who attacked the truck

There were chaotic scenes on one of Dublin's main streets yesterday as a man was arrested after damaging a truck and attempting to attack an innocent passer-by.

The incident happened at approximately 12.45am yesterday on Dublin's Grafton Street, as locals and tourists were out socialising.

As a truck was making it's way down the street, a man aged in his early 20s proceeded to attack the truck in an unprovoked incident.

The young man repeatedly hit his head off the windscreen of the vehicle, before tearing off its windscreen wipers.

Staff operating the truck were forced to leave the vehicle and retreat, before ringing gardai.

A witness described how a member of the public tried to calm the man, who was described as being in an "agitated" state, but was subsequently set upon.

"He was just trying to help this guy who was banging at the truck, when all of a sudden he tried to throw a few punches at the man who was trying to help him. It was quite bizarre altogether," the witness said.

Three units from Pearse Street Garda Station subsequently responded and the man was arrested for criminal damage.

However officers struggled with the male as he repeatedly resisted arrest.

He was eventually subdued by detectives, having head-butted the window of the garda car as he was placed inside.

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