Saturday 19 January 2019

Man fights deport order

a man from the Democratic Republic of Congo claims he was raped by fellow prisoners in Malawi while attempting to escape the danger of torture in his own country, the High court was told.

He has been allowed leave by Mr Justice Kevin Cross to challenge the Minister for Justice's decision refusing him protection in Ireland.

Barrister Paul O'Shea said the man feared for his life and had arranged to travel to Ireland. He was seeking an injunction restraining the Minister from deporting him pending the outcome of an application for "complementary protection".

Judge Cross granted the man permission to apply for judicial review and made an order restraining his deportation until further order of the court.

Scotland may keep Queen Liz

a Scottish 'Yes' vote may not be such a big change for Britain's queen.

Scotland's vote on independence this month means Queen Elizabeth faces a division in her kingdom not seen since the days of her namesake Elizabeth I at the start of the 17th century.

But whatever the outcome, Queen Elizabeth is likely to still be queen of Scotland, since most Scots are keen to retain her as head of state, even if they decide to go it alone.

Somalis seek attack info

Somali authorities are trying to verify whether the leader of al-Shabab was killed or wounded in a US airstrike.

Somalia's government is certain that the strike hit "a gathering" of leaders of the Islamic extremist al-Shabab group and they are "in the process" of confirming who was hit in the attack on Monday.

The strikes, using drones and aircraft, targeted Ahmed Abdi Godane (37) al-Shabab's spiritual leader, the US confirmed.

Bieber arrested after fracas

Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving over the weekend after an incident near a small Canadian town.

The charges came after two drivers got into a "physical altercation" on Friday, Perth County Ontario Provincial Police said.

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