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Man feared dead after mountain kayaking accident

a kayaker is feared dead after an accident in the Wicklow Mountains.

A group of five kayakers braved the wild weather yesterday to take advantage of the rapids in the Inchavore Valley.

However, the group got into difficulty and it is thought that one man's kayak capsized.

He was left unconscious and underwater for around 45 minutes, according to a spokesperson for the Dublin Coastguard.

Members of his group and two other people, who are not believed to have been part of the same group, searched for the man in the fast-flowing water near the Lough Dan area of the mountains.

He was eventually pulled from the water and one of his fellow kayakers performed CPR on him for 15 minutes before rescue services arrived on the scene.

He was winched from the scene and taken to Tallaght Hospital by helicopter.

At least three distress calls were made to the Dublin Coastguard at around 3.50pm yesterday, some from English mobile numbers.


Parts of the river are unnavigable unless there are large amounts of water.

Rescue Helicopter 116 was dispatched from Dublin Airport to locate the group and arrived within half-an-hour.

Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue were also called to the scene and arrived with newly-trained swift water technicians. Gardai were also notified of a missing person in the area, as is the procedure.

Light was beginning to fade when the rescue helicopter managed to locate the group after spotting people along the river bank.

Three people in total were taken from the scene at 4.50pm.

It is thought that the other two were suffering from shock and possibly hypothermia.

The remaining four people stayed on the ground because they were uninjured.

CPR was performed on the man during his transfer to Tallaght Hospital.

A spokesperson for the hospital was not in a position to comment on his condition.