Sunday 23 September 2018

Man chased into Dublin garda station by 'New INLA' gangsters

Former target Charlie O’Neill. Pic: Courtpix
Former target Charlie O’Neill. Pic: Courtpix

There were bizarre scenes at a north Dublin Garda Station when a young man who may have been targeted by the 'New INLA' gang attempted to run into the building for protection.

The incident unfolded at Ballymun Garda Station at around 2.30pm on Thursday when a major gangster and two of his associates were spotted grabbing a man on the street. It is believed the victim was going to be bundled into a waiting silver car.

While the four men struggled, the gang target managed to free himself and run towards the station while being chased by the gangster, who then ran into the station after him.

A large number of gardai then came out of the station and the two men were seen running away from the area together.

Gardai followed the four men and spoke to them briefly.

No arrests have been made in the case, which gardai described as a scuffle between four people.

It is understood that officers have been investigating whether the incident arose because of a dispute over a pair of runners. Another theory is that the alleged target was being attacked over the theft of an expensive bicycle.

The gang target is a 30-year-old convicted sex offender who has also been jailed in relation to a murder.

"Gardai are aware of a scuffle outside Ballymun Garda Station between two parties who are known to each other," a garda spokeswoman said.


"There have been no complaints from anyone involved in the incident and no one has been arrested," she said.

The spokeswoman said that gardai are not investigating the incident as an attempted abduction.

Gardai have been involved in a number of operations against the 'New INLA' gang, whose key associate was involved in Thursday's incident.

He was jailed for three years for threatening to kill a 28-year-old mother in 2011.

He received an additional two years after gardai found over €16,000 worth of drugs at his home in October 2010.

Earlier this month, the Herald revealed that the new gang, which were involved in a crime summit meeting at a north Dublin hotel recently, fled the area in a hurry after getting "spooked" by a garda surveillance team which were monitoring their meeting.

Sources said the gang were also believed to be behind two murder attempts against Limerick criminal Sean 'Cowboy' Hanley last year.

One of the senior gang members is suspected of being involved in a pipe bomb intimidation incident targeting deceased Dublin drug dealer Charlie 'The Walrus' O'Neill.

This criminal and another feared dissident republican are also the chief suspects for a savage attack in Limerick last November, during which they tortured a victim.

Investigations into the mob were stepped up after a viable bomb and a Glock pistol were found when armed gardai pulled over and then searched a vehicle in Co Laois on February 25 last.

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