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Man caused €14,000 damage to centre on rampage in boxers


Christopher Tuohy arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday

Christopher Tuohy arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday

Court Collins.

Christopher Tuohy arriving at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday

A MAN who went on a drink and drug-fuelled rampage through a community centre, causing €14,000 worth of damage, has been given a suspended sentence.

Christopher Tuohy (22) was caught after gardai spotted him leaving the premises dressed only in his boxers and carrying a fire extinguisher.

He was stripped to his underwear because he had decided to go for a swim during the incident, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

His defence counsel submitted that it was an act of madness and Tuohy and his accomplice "were not a crack team of professional burglars".

Tuohy, of Old Church Avenue, Clondalkin, pleaded guilty to trespass and criminal damage at Clondalkin Sports Centre on November 14, 2012. He has 16 previous convictions for public order, trespass and theft offences.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring imposed a two-year sentence which she suspended in full after noting the progress Tuohy had made in relation to attending a training programme and staying away from drugs.

Gda David Brennan told prosecuting counsel Fionnula O'Sullivan BL that Tuohy and his friend had been up all night drinking and taking prescription drugs before they broke into the centre which was closed at the time.


They were caught on CCTV "trashing" several areas including the reception, the creche, the pool and the cafe.

The floor was covered in broken glass, computers and stock had been destroyed and fire extinguishers had been emptied.

The entire pool area was covered in broken glass and blood from where the men had cut their feet while going for a swim. In total, the centre suffered a €14,000 loss in repairs and lost earnings.

The centre manager was alerted and arrived on the scene while the incident was still going on. He saw a broken window and decided to call gardai who arrived minutes later.

Gda Brennan said that when the manager arrived he saw Tuohy leave through the fire escape. He was arrested but deemed unfit for interview.

When gardai were able to speak to him he said he could not remember anything but admitted it was him on the CCTV footage.

Defence counsel Mark Lynam BL said Tuohy was a user of the sports centre and is very remorseful. He said his client is no longer taking tablets and is addressing his alcohol problem.