Saturday 20 January 2018

Man arrested for brutal knife attack on street

Beaumont Hospital
Beaumont Hospital

A criminal in his early 30s was arrested by armed gardai yesterday in relation to a brutal stabbing in north Co Dublin.

It is understood that the suspected knife attacker targeted his 35-year-old victim in the terrifying incident for what is described as "personal reasons."

The incident took place in the early hours of the morning at Hampton Street, Balbriggan, at around 4.10am on Saturday, February 21 last.

Gardai from Balbriggan answered an emergency call where they found a man bleeding on the street, after being stabbed several times.

The man was conscious and talking to gardai when a silver Ford Focus passed by at speed.

The injured man then claimed his attacker was in the car. Gardai gave pursuit but no arrests were made in the case until yesterday.

The victim of the stabbing was removed by ambulance to Beaumont Hospital where he was treated for three stab wounds to his body.

He later claimed that he had also been run over by the Ford Focus the alleged assailant used to escape the scene, but gardai say there was no evidence to support that claim.

The victim has no involvement in crime and gardai have not established a motive for the vicious stabbing.

However it is understood that they are working on the theory that the attacker has a "personal grudge" against the man he targeted.

The arrested man is a member of the Traveller community who is originally from the Tallaght area.

A large number of gardai were involved in yesterday's arrest operation after it emerged that the stabbing suspect is a close associate of a high-profile gangster.

This criminal is the subject of a number of major garda investigations and is currently based in Coolock where he has teamed up with close associates of murdered gangland brothers John Paul and Tommy Joyce.

His mob are suspected of being involved in a gangland murder in north Co Dublin last year.

He is facing serious charges before the courts and some of his former associates are suspected of involvement in a brutal stab attack in Drogheda, Co Louth, last week.

The 24-year-old victim in this case suffered horror injuries to his face, stomach and buttocks when he was cut up by a five-man gang who stormed into a house. The victim has since been released from hospital.


The now Coolock-based gangster, who is close pals with the man who was arrested yesterday, was also at the centre of a bizarre bogus assassination attempt in Clondlkain last January.

The gang he runs have now moved into a number of 'legitimate' businesses in an attempt to launder the vast amounts of cash which they are making from the drugs business, sources say.

The mob is also heavily involved in the organised stolen car trade.

He has linked up with a major crime gang from Swords and has been trying to exert control over the crime scene in north county Dublin and south Louth.


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