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Man accused of making threats to kill neighbour


Martin McLaughlin, and his wife Ann

Martin McLaughlin, and his wife Ann

Martin McLaughlin, and his wife Ann

a couple in their 60s, married with seven grown up children, have gone on trial for allegedly harassing their younger neighbours over a six-year period.

Martin McLaughlin (67) is accused of threatening to kill his 41-year-old neighbour, Ray Crowley, on two separate occasions.

Both Mr McLaughlin and his wife, Ann (65), of Ballymaconna, Barefield, Ennis, deny all charges of harassment laid against them.

The McLaughlins are each charged with the harassment of their neighbours over a six-year period from October 1, 2006, to March 31, 2012.


Opening the trial yesterday at Ennis Circuit Court, state counsel Stephen Coughlan BL explained that the McLaughlins are next-door neighbours to Ray and Patrizia Crowley.

The court was told that a number of McLaughlin children live outside Barefield and Ennis.

Mr Coughlan said that evidence will he heard during the trial that Martin McLaughlin threatened to kill his neighbour, Ray Crowley, on two occasions.

Mr Coughlan said that in relation to the first incident on March 19, 2010, the jury will hear evidence that Mr McLaughlin made a threat to Mr Crowley.

It is alleged that Mr McLaughlin said: "I will get my lads to beat the s**t out of you and bury you in that f**king wall."

It is the prosecution's case that Mr Crowley asked Mr McLaughlin was he threatening his life and Mr McLaughlin replied: "Yes, I f**king am."

Mr Coughlan said there was a meeting between the parties on September 24, 2011, and Mr McLaughlin is alleged to have told Mr Crowley: "F**k off or I'll kill you" and the counsel said that was said in the presence of an independent witness.

Mr Coughlan said that 10 witnesses, including the two members of the Crowley family, will provide evidence of support of the case against the McLaughlins.

He said that the evidence from the Crowleys will take some time.

A jury of seven women and five men was yesterday selected.

The trial - which is due to continue for three days - continues today.