Sunday 19 November 2017

Make the most of the warm weekend...


Kim and Georgia (2) Wade, Malahide at Portmarnock Beach this summer.
Kim and Georgia (2) Wade, Malahide at Portmarnock Beach this summer.

That could be all for the summer, folks.

Dry, sunny and unspectacular conditions are on the cards for the weekend, but be prepared for the rain to start bucketing by Tuesday.

Searingly hot conditions gripped the city on Thursday, and although the sun is here to stay for the weekend, the heat will only be fleeting over the next few days.

The forecast for the weekend indicates cooler weather, as a cold front grips the country, but Dublin should avoid the worst of it, according to Met Eireann forecasters.

Meteorologist Eoin Sherlock told the Herald that it's a long way off of the weather we should be getting at this time of the year.


"Today will be a fresher day, a little bit cooler, with highs of around 17 or 18 degrees in Dublin, but there'll possibly be some light patchy rain," said Mr Sherlock.

"It's a similar story on the weekend. Saturday will be noticeably cooler again, possibly 15 or 16 degrees, which isn't great at all for this time of the year when we should be expected 19 or 20 degrees," he said.

The forecaster expects the cold front to stay in the south of the country, and said that weather conditions this summer were not as bad as they seem.

"It's been cooler than we'd like and cloudier than we'd like, but a lot of other summers it'd be raining non-stop, so it's not the worst summer we've had," said Mr Sherlock.

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