Saturday 16 December 2017

Maia is exhausted after being fake mum for tv

IRISH documentary maker Maia Dunphy, who says she doesn't have a natural maternal instinct, has roadtested being a mother for a new TV programme.

The Herald columnist says she has been plagued by questions about starting a family since marrying Johnny Vegas.

Maia (35) said: "I got married in March of last year and after that I found people were telling me that I'd better get a move on and have children.

"They were saying there wasn't much time left. But what if I didn't want to have kids? Is that so bad? So I suppose this documentary is really about me road-testing motherhood."

Maia wore a large bump in public to get the feel of being pregnant and spent 24 hours with two eight-month-old twin boys.


But she found she was panicking about the welfare of the children at night. "I was hopping out of bed and holding a mirror over their mouths to check if they were still breathing," she said.

"I was absolutely shattered the next morning. I had to deal with smelly nappies. They just smelled so bad."

She added: "I have never actually been broody in my life. You see women kneeling down and goo-gooing over babies in prams, but I'm not like that.

"I sometimes wonder if there's something wrong with me."

From Boom To Maternity is on RTE Two at 9.30pm tonight.

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