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Lyons set for 
new sentencing

The re-hearing of an appeal against the undue leniency of a six-month custodial sentence imposed on businessman Anthony Lyons is to go ahead at the Court of Criminal Appeal next week.

In November last year the appeal court found that the six-month custodial sentence imposed on Lyons (52) for a violent sexual assault was “unduly lenient”.

Lyons, of Griffith Avenue in Dublin, was jailed for six months in July 2012 for attacking and sexually assaulting a woman in the early hours of October 3, 2010.

Four dead in subway attack

A university student wielding a knife attacked riders aboard a subway train in Taiwan’s capital, killing four and injuring at least 21 others.

The seemingly random attack occurred at the start of the evening rush hour.

Photos showed the floor of one of the train’s cars and the adjacent station platform splattered with blood and strewn with backpacks, umbrellas and other items.

Man hid eggs in groin on flight

Australians call tiny swimming trunks budgie smugglers’, but the term might have new meaning after customs officials at Sydney’s airport said that they found 16 wild-bird eggs in the crotch of a passenger’s pants.

The 39-year-old Czech man arrived on a flight from Dubai when customs officials selected him for a search.

The man faces charges that carry maximum penalties of 10 years in prison and a fine of AU$170,000 (€115,000).

Heroic cat gets sports honour

A cat that became famous for saving a California boy from a dog attack threw the first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game this week - or at least she tried.

The cat, named Tara, pounced on a dog that attacked her four-year-old human Jeremy Triantafilo.

The video, which has garnered 21 million views on YouTube, shows the dog biting and attempting to drag the boy.

Within seconds, Tara leaps out and chases the 
canine away.

Jeremy needed 10 stitches in his left leg.