Wednesday 24 January 2018

Lucy getting broody for third baby

There could be the pitter patter of a new set of tiny feet in Lucy Kennedy's house if she follows her heart and has a third baby.

The 7 O'Clock Show presenter said she has recently been debating the pros and cons of adding to her family.

Lucy and her husband Richie have two "beautiful, happy" children, Jack (5) and Holly (2).

However, the 38-year-old admits she's still broody in her latest blog for Mummypages.ie

"Are my baby days over? Am I ready to sell my car seat and take my Moses basket down from the attic?" Lucy said.

"It's that niggling question when you reach your late 30s with two children and think: 'Will I ever hold a newborn or feel a baby kick in my tummy again?'"

Lucy does admit that things are easier now that Jack and Holly are older but she still yearns to have another baby.

"I have two beautiful healthy, happy children. They have reached that easy ages of five and nearly-three where life is definitely getting easier. I apologise less in the supermarket, we can have dessert when we're in restaurants, they both fit comfortably in my car and I get at least eight hours kip every night.


"But somewhere deep in my heart there is a yearning to make another Jack or Holly.

"I may be a broody kind of person but I can't help it. I have always adored babies and children and always will," she adds.

While it's a tough decision that she has been mulling over, Lucy (right) says she's going to follow her heart.

"I have a great job with good hours, a wonderful husband who I absolutely adore and two of the nicest children in the world," she says.

"I love being a mum more than anything else in the world, so wouldn't it make sense to add another?

"On this one though, I'm going to follow my heart - and I'll bet you can guess my decision."


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