Monday 18 February 2019

Lucky in Dub - how the capital scooped €850m in Lotto wins

Recent winners Alicia Fanning, Laura Stakelun and Nicola Sammon. Photo: Collins
Recent winners Alicia Fanning, Laura Stakelun and Nicola Sammon. Photo: Collins

Dublin is one of the luckiest places in Ireland, according to the National Lottery.

More than €850m has been scooped by Dublin jackpot winners in the past 30 years.

Number crunchers at the National Lottery used the 2016 Census to garner which counties were luckiest.

They found that when it came to jackpot winners, Dublin - with a population of 1,347,000 - was the fourth luckiest place in Ireland, with 572 people winning a total of €856m.

In first place was Co Louth, with 76 big winners.

With a population of just 129,000, it had the most jackpot winners per head of population across the three decades.

Co Donegal was second on the list, with 90 wins worth more than €116m for a population of just 159,000.

Co Mayo was third, with 58 wins from a 130,500 population, sharing €103m in prizes.

National Lottery boss Dermot Griffin said: "One of the most frequent questions we're asked is where is Ireland's luckiest Lotto county.

"There's always been friendly competition among our players, all over the country, to claim this title, so we are delighted to confirm that using the 2016 Census population figures, County Louth is Ireland's luckiest spot.

"Our Lotto players in Louth have punched above their weight for the last 30 years with considerably more Lotto millionaires per head of population."

Model Shauna Lindsay at a Lottery photo call
Model Shauna Lindsay at a Lottery photo call

Co Laois was the "unluckiest county in Ireland" with only 13 lottery winners per 10,000 of the population.

The county has won just €24m since 1988.


"It's important to note that chance has no memory and playing Lotto is purely a matter of luck, regardless of where you buy your Lotto ticket, or where you live," said Mr Griffin

The statistics were collated from National Lottery jackpot wins from October 8, 1988, until May 3, 2018.

Wednesday's Lotto jackpot is set to roll over to €7.5m and will be one of the highest jackpots this year.

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