Monday 18 December 2017

Lucinda Creighton set to 'reboot' party launch in 10 days

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

Lucinda Creighton's new political party will be formally launched within 10 days.

Ms Creighton told the Herald that she is not guaranteed to be leader but that she will be running for the position. Founding members of the party will vote on the question, she said.

She declined to reveal the name of the new party ahead of the launch or the specific policy reforms it wants to introduce.

The formation of the party was announced in January by Ms Creighton, financial advisor Eddie Hobbs and independent Offaly county councillor John Leahy.

The grouping said it wants to "reboot Ireland".

Speaking at an event encouraging women to aspire to reaching the top of the financial sector, Ms Creighton said her experience in politics was that some women tried to stop others advancing.

"One of the problems in politics is that there is this perception of an unofficial quota: 'There has to be a couple of women ministers, there has to be a couple of women on the front bench'.

"So then it becomes this pitted rivalry to be the token woman.

"I have witnessed women who talk the talk about feminism, about supporting women and promoting women in politics, but their behaviour was just the absolute opposite.

"They would not only pull the ladder up, but stick their stiletto down as well."

Ms Creighton cited Finance Minister Michael Noonan as a significant mentor.


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