Wednesday 13 December 2017

Love/Hate's Robbie gets set to lead another life of crime in latest movie

Robert Sheehan Picture: Getty
Robert Sheehan Picture: Getty

Robert Sheehan is returning to his Love/Hate roots in a new film where he will play a car thief alongside former Dr Who star David Tennant.

Sheehan shot to fame playing Darren in the gritty RTE crime drama as the gangster with a conscience. In his new role, he will turn his hand to burglary instead.

The film, Bad Samaritan, portrays two enterprising car valets who use their business as a front to steal from their customers.

Things go wrong for the petty thieves, however, when they target the wrong home and discover a woman being held captive there.

The film will go into production later this year in Portland, Oregon.

Director Dean Devlin will be at the helm of the movie - having worked on big-hitters like Independence Day and Godzilla in the past.


He was clearly impressed with what he saw in the Misfits star who he worked with on Disaster thriller Geostorm.

After its release was pushed back from October of this year, Geostorm will hit the big screen in October 2017, in which Sheehan stars alongside Gerard Butler.

The film will be his first blockbuster title and has the potential to cement in name in Hollywood.

He is also set to make a return to TV in Season two of the Sky Atlantic series Fortitude.

The Laois man moved to America last year to pursue bigger roles, and seems to be settling into his new life in Tinseltown with a number of impressive credits under his belt to date.

But it has been a culture shock. Speaking to Hot Press in a now famous interview where he admitted taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, he commented on the differences living in America

"It's very civilised. I miss the mischief. There is a strong Irish contingent here and so if I want a bit of mischief I turn to them," he said.


"There's a lot of wheeling and dealing too. In Ireland, if people ask for a 'meeting', it's because they want to work with you.

In LA people want to meet you so that, on the off-chance you make the big time, they can name-drop like nobody's business," he added.

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